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When you use your stove you will find that over a period of time soot and tar deposits can begin to build up on the inside of the flue. This could become a fire hazard and should be removed by regularly sweeping the flue.


We advise that you use a qualified Chimney Sweep to check and sweep your flue. They will also be able to spot any potential problems with your stove or flue and advise accordingly.

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Adena Fires recommends the following local Chimney Sweeps:


Cranbrook Area:


Tunbridge Wells Area :

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The frequency of sweeping depends on the efficiency of your stove and the quality of the fuel used. As a guide the flue should be swept at least once a year if burning good quality wood and every 3 months if using solid fuel.


In general if you burn wet logs or poor quality wood your flue will need to be swept as often as every 3 months. If you are burning kiln dried logs, then once a year is usually enough.

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C H I M N E Y   S W E E P I N G

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