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Most stove manufacturers recommend that you only use kiln dried firewood in your stove. Kiln dried logs have an avarage moisture content of 20% or less and burn far more efficiently, giving you much more heat for your money.


Burning kiln dried logs will also help to reduce any smoke, ash or tar produced by your stove. This in turn will reduce the amount of maintenance needed by your stove and flue.

K I L N  D R I E D  L O G S



Most of the stoves Adena sell are multi-fuel models and can burn logs or solid fuel equally well. However you should remember that burning solid fuels can greatly decrease the life span of both your stove and flue liner.


To find out more about using solid fuels in your stove, please visit:

S O L I D  F U E L



We recommend that you use Bertie's kiln dried firewood in your stove or open fire. Bertie's produce their logs using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed Kent woodlands, drying their logs using a wood fired kiln.


Bertie's offer free local delivery, order by phone on 01732 - 850600 or on-line at:

L O C A L  W O O D  F U E L  

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Log Store full of kiln dried firewood and logs

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