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The pilot light needs cleaning

The flue might be blocked

The gas pressure has dropped

The fire needs servicing



To make sure that your gas fire operates both safely and efficiently, it should be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe engineer. It is also recommended that the flue is swept regularly.

T H E   F L A M E   G O E S   O U T



Re-light the pilot light

Change the control batteries

Check the gas supply is turned on

Get the fire serviced



If you smell gas turn off the gas supply at the gas meter  (unless it's in a cellar), open all the doors and windows, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

P R O B L E M   S O L V I N G



The pilot light is out

The batteries in the remote control are flat

The batteries in the fire control unit are flat

The gas supply has been turned off



This is the official body recognised by the Government to approve the installation of gas fires and gas stoves in the UK. It registers, trains and checks approved gas engineers.

F I R E   W I L L   N O T   L I G H T

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C O M M O N   G A S   F I R E   P R O B L E M S

G A S   L E A K

G A S   F I R E   S E R V I C I N G

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