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Modern wood burning stoves are designed and engineered to run efficiently when connected to a flue. A flue will make the stove safer, more controllable and efficient in use.


There are different types of flue systems available to suit different types of fires and stoves, as well as flue systems that can be used when there is no existing chimney.

W H Y  A  F L U E  I S  N E E D E D



If you don't have a chimney, you can still have a wood stove fitted using an insulated rigid twin wall flue system. This can be fitted through the building or attached to an outside wall.


Twin wall systems are insulated to ensure that they draw well even in the coldest Winters. Twin wall flue systems are more expensive to instal than flexible flues.

T W I N  W A L L  S Y S T E M S



An existing chimney can be lined by dropping a flexible stainless steel liner down the flue way. This is the most common type of flue used when fitting wood burning stoves.


The flue liner will prevent any dangerous fumes leaking into the bedrooms or attic space. It will also help the stove run more efficiently, helping to reduce fuel bills.

F L E X I B L E  F L U E  L I N E R S  

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F L U E   S Y S T E M S